Season 1Season 2Season 3
1x01 "Winter is Coming" 2x01 "The North Remembers" 3×01 "Valar Dohaeris"
1x02 "The Kingsroad" 2x02 "The Night Lands" 3×02 "Dark Wings, Dark Words"
1x03 "Lord Snow" 2x03 "What is Dead May Never Die" 3x05 "Kissed by Fire"
1x03 "Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things" 2x04 "Garden of Bones" 3×04 "And Now His Watch is Ended"
1x05 "The Wolf and the Lion" 2x05 "The Ghost of Harrenhal" 3×05 "Kissed by Fire"
1x06 "A Gold Crown" 2x06 "The Old Gods and the New" 3x06 The Climb
1x07 "You Win or you Die" 2x07 "A Man Without Honor" 3x07 "The Bear and the Maiden Fair"
1×08 "The Pointy End" 2x08 "The Prince of Winterfell" 3x08 "Second Sons"
1×09 "Baelor" 2x09 "Blackwater" 3×09 "The Rains of Castamere"
1×10 "Fire and Blood" 2x10 "Valar Morghulis" 3x10 "Mhysa"
VariousSeason 6Season 7
season 56x01 The Impossible Astronaut7x01 Asylum of the Daleks
A Christmas Carol6×02 «Day of the Moon»7x02 "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship"
The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe6×03 «The Curse of the Black Spot»7x03 "A Town Called Mercy"
The Snowmen6×04 «The Doctor’s Wife»7x04 "The Power of Three"
The Day of the Doctor6×05 «The Rebel Flesh»7x05 "The Angels Take Manhattan"
The Time of the Doctor6×06 «The Almost People»7×06 "The Bells of Saint John"
6×07 «A Good Man Goes To War»7×07 "The Rings Of Akhaten"
6×08 «Let's Kill Hitler»7x08 "Cold War"
6×09 «Night Terror»7x09 "Hide"
6×10 «The Girl Who Waited»7x10 "Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS"
6×11 «The God Complex»7×07 "The Rings Of Akhaten"
7x12 "Nightmare in Silver"
7x13 "The Name of the Doctor"
season 35season 36season 37season 38
36x01 Amy Pohler / Katie Perry37x01 Alec Baldwin / Radiohead38×01 Seth MacFarlane / Frank Ocean
36x02 Bryan Cranston / Kanye West37x02 Melissa McCarthy / Lady Antebellum38×02 Joseph Gordon-Levitt / Mumford & Sons
36x03 Jane Lynch / Bruno Mars37x03 Ben Stiller / Foster the People38×03 Daniel Craig / Muse
36x04 Emma Stone / Kings of Leon37x04 Anna Faris / Drake38×04 Christina Applegate / Passion Pit
36x05 Jon Hamm / Rihanna37x05 Charlie Day / Maroon 538×05 Bruno Mars
36x06 Scarlett Johansson / Arcade Fire37x06 Emma Stone / Coldplay38×06 Louis C.K. / Fun
36x08 Anne Hathaway / Florence and the Machine37x07 Jason Segel / Florence and the Machine38×07 Anne Hathaway / Rihanna
36x08 Robert de Niro / Diddy Dirty Money37x18 Steve Buscemi / The Black Keys38×08 Jeremy Renner / Maroon 5
36x09 Paul Rudd / Paul McCartney37x19 Katy Perry / Robyn38×09 Jamie Foxx / Ne-Yo
35x10 James Franco / Muse36x10 Jeff Bridges / Eminem & Lil Wayne37x10 Jimmy Fallon / Michael Buble38×10 Martin Short / Paul McCartney
35x11 Charles Barkley / Alicia Keys36x11 Jim Carrey / The Black Keys37x11 Charles Barkley / Kelly Clarkson38x11 Jennifer Lawrence / The Lumineers
35x12 Sigourney Weaver / The Ting Tings36x12 Gwyneth Paltrow / Cee Lo Green37x12 Daniel Radcliffe / Dana del Rey/38×12 Adam Levine / Kendrick Lamar
35x13 Jon Hamm / Michael Buble36x13 Jesse Eisenberg / Nicki Minaj37x13 Channing Tatum / Bon Iver
35x14 Ashton Kutcher / Them Crooked Vultures36x14 Dana Carvey / Linkin Park37x14 Zooey Deschanel / Karmin
35x15 Jennifer Lopez36x15 Russel Brand / Chris Brown37x15 Maya Rudolf / Sleigh Bells
35x16 Zach Galifianakis / Vampire Weekend36x16 Miley Cyrus / The Strokes37x16 Lindsay Lohan / Jack White
35x17 Jude Law / Perl Jam36x17 Zach Galifianakis / Jessie J37x17 Jonah Hill / The Shins
35x18 Tina Fey / Justin Bieber36x18 Elton John37x18 Sofia Vergara / One Direction
35x19 Ryan Phillippe / Kesha36x19 Hellen Miren / Foo Fighters37x19 Josh Brolin / Gotye
35x20 Gabourey Sibide / MGMT36x20 Tina Fey / Ellie Goulding37x20 Eli Manning / Rihanna
35x21 Betty White / Jay Z36x21 "Ed Helms / Paul Simon37x21 Will Ferrell / Usher
35x22 Alec Baldwin / Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers36x22 Justin Timberlake / Lady Gaga37x22 Mick Jagger
Season 4Season 5Season 6
4x01 "The Beginning of the End"5x01 "Because you left"6×01-6×02 "LA X"
4x02 "Confirmed Dead" 5x02 "The lie"6×03 "What Kate does"
4x03 "The Economist" 5x03 "Jughead"6×04 "The Substitute"
4x04 "Eggtown" 5x04 "The little prince"6×05 "Lighthouse"
4x05 "The Constant" 5x05 "This place is death"6×06 "Sundown"
4x06 "The other woman" 5x06 "316"6×07 "Dr Linus"
4x07 "Ji Yeon" 5x07 "The life and death of Jeremy Bentham"6×08 "Recon"
4x08 "Meet Kevin Johnson" 5x08 "LaFleur"6×09 "Ab Aeterno"
"Lost 4×09: The shape of things to come 5x09 "Namaste"6×10 "The Package"
4x10 "Something nice back home" 5x10 "He's our you"6×11 "Happily Ever After"
4x11 "Cabin Fever" 5x11 "Whatever happened, happened"6×12 "Everybody Loves Hugo"
4x12 "There's no place like home part 1"5x12 "Dead is dead"6×13 "The Last Recruit"
4x13-4x14 "There's no place like home part 2 & 3" 5x13 "Some like it hoth"6x14 "The Candidate"
5x14 "The variable"6x15 "Across the Sea"
5x15 "Follow the leader"6x16 "What they died for"
5x16 - 5x17 "The incident"6x17 "The End"
Season 3Season 4Season 5Season 6Season 7
3x01 "Our father" 4x01 "Living the dream" 5x01 "My Bad" 6x01 "Those Kinds of Things" 7×01 «Are You…?»
3x02 "Finding Freebo" 4x02 "Remains to be seen" 5x02 "Hello, Bandit" 6x02 "Once Upon A Time" 7×02 «Sunshine and Frosty Swirl»
3x03 "The lion sleeps tonight" 4x03 "Blinded by the light" 5x03 "Practically Perfect" 6x03 "Smokey and the Bandit" 7x03 «Buck the System»
3x04 "All in the family" 4x04 "Dex takes a holiday" 5x04 "Beauty And The Beast"
6x04 "A horse of a different color" 7×04 «Run»
3x05 "Turning Biminese" 4x05 "Dirty Harry" 5x05 "First Blood"6x05 "The Angel of Death"7×05 «Swim Deep»
3x06 "Si se puede"4x06 "If I had a hammer" 5x06 "Everything Is Illuminated" 6x06 "Just Let Go"7×06 «Do the Wrong Thing»
3x07 "Easy as pie"4x07 "Slack Tide" 5x07 "Circle Us" 6x07 "Nebraska"7×07 «Chemistry»
3x08 "The damage a man can do" 4x08 "Road Kill" 5x08 "Take It" 6x08 "Sins of Omission"7×08 «Argentina»
3x09 "About last night" 4x09 "Hungry man" 5x09 "Teenage Wasteland"6x09 "Get Gellar"7×09 «Helter Skelter»
3x10 "Go your own way" 4x10 "Boy Crazy" 5x10 "In the Beginning" 6x10 "Ricochet Rabbit"7x10 «The Dark... Whatever»
3x12 "Do you take Dexter Morgan" 4x11 "Hello Dexter Morgan" 5x11 "Hop a Freighter" 6x11 "Talk to the Hand"7×11 «Do you See What I See»
4x12 "Getaway" 5x12 "The Big One" 6x12 "This is the way the world ends"7×12 «Surprise, Motherf*ker»
Season 1Season 2Season 3
1x01 "The Target"2x01 "Ebb Tide"3×01 "Time After Time"
1x02 "The Detail"2x02 "Collateral Damage"3×02 "All Due Respect"
1x03 "The Buys"2x03 "Hot Shots"3×03 "Dead Soldiers"
1x04 "Old Cases"2x04 'Hard Cases"3×04 "Hamsterdam"
1x05 "The Pager"2x05 "Undertow"3×05 "Straight and True"
1x06 "The Wire"2x06 "All Prologue"3×06 "Homecoming"
1x07 "One Arrest"2x07 "Backwash" 3×07 "Back Burners"
1x08 "Lessons"2x08 "Duck and Cover" 3×08 "Moral Midgetry"
1x09 "Game Day"2x09 "Stray Rounds" 3×09 "Slapstick"
1x10 "The Cost"2x10 "Storm Warnings" 3×10 "Reformation"
1x11 "The Hunt"2x11 "Bad Dreams" 3×11 "Middle Ground"
1x12 "Cleaning Up"2x12 "Port in a Storm" 3×12 "Mission Accomplished"
1x13 "Sentencing"
season 1season 2
1×01 «Ghost»2×01 «Vows»
1×02 «The target»2×02 «Instinct»
1×03 «Stage Fright»2×03 «Belle Chose»
1×04 «Grey Hour»2×04 «Belonging»
1×05 «True Believer»2×05 «The Public Eye»
1×06 «Man on the street»2×06 «The Left Hand»
1×07 «Echoes»2×07 «Meet Jane Doe»
1×08 «Needs»2×08 «A Love Supreme»
1×09 «Spy in the house of love»2×09 «Stop Loss»
1×10 «Haunted»2×10 «The Attic»
1×11 «Briar Rose»2×11 «Getting Closer»
1×12 «Omega»2×12 «The Hollow Men»
1×13 «Epitaph One»2×13 «Epitaph Two, Return»
Season 4Season 5
4x01 "East of Dillon" 5x01 "Expectations"
4x02 "After the fall" 5x02 "On the Outside Looking In"
4x03 In the skin of a lion" 5x03 "The Right Hand of the Father"
4x04 "A sort of homecoming" 5x04 "Keep Looking"
4x05 "The son" 5x05 "Kingdom"
4x06 "Stay" 5x06 "Swerve"
4x07 "In the bag" 5x07 "Perfect Record"
4x08 "Toilet Bowl" 5×08 "Fracture"
4x09 "The lights of Carroll park" 5×09 "Gut Check"
4x10 "I can't" 5×10 "Don't Go"
4x11 "Injury list" 5×11 "The March"
4x12 "Laboring" 5×12 "Texas Whatever"
4x13 "Thanksgiving" 5×13 "Always"
season 2season 3season 4
2x01 "Chuck vs the First Date" 3x01 "Chuck vs the Pink Slip" 4×01 "Chuck vs the Anniversary"
2x02 "Chuck vs the Seduction" 3x02 "Chuck vs the Three Little Words" 4×02 "Chuck Versus The Suitcase"
2x03 "Chuck vs the Breakup" 3x03 "Chuck vs the Angel de la Muerte"
2x04 "Chuck vs the Cougars" 3x04 "Chuck vs Operation Awesome"
2x05 "Chuck vs Tom Sawyer" 3x05 "Chuck vs the First Class"
2x06 "Chuck vs the Ex" 3x06 "Chuck vs the nacho Sampler"
2x07 "Chuck vs the Fat Lady" 3x07 "Chuck vs the Mask"
2x08 "Chuck vs the Gravitron" 3x08 "Chuck vs the Fake Name"
2x09 "Chuck vs the Sensei" 3x09 "Chuck vs the Beard"
2x10 "Chuck vs the Delorian" 3x10 "Chuck vs the Tic-Tac"
2x11 "Chuck vs Santa Claus" 3x11 "Chuck vs the Final Exam"
2x12 "Chuck vs the Third Dimention" 3x12 "Chuck vs the American hero"
2x13 "Chuck vs the Suburbs" 3x13 "Chuck vs the other Guy"
2x14 "Chuck vs the Best Friend" 3x14 "Chuck vs the Honeymooners"
2x15 "Chuck vs the Beefcake" 3x15 "Chuck vs the Role Models"
2x16 "Chuck vs the Lethal Weapon" 3x16 "Chuck vs the Tooth"
2x17 "Chuck vs the Predator" 3x17 "Chuck vs the Living Dead"
2x18 "Chuck vs the Broken Heart" 3x18 "Chuck vs the Subway"
2x19 "Chuck vs the Dream Job" 3x19 "Chuck vs the Ring"
2x20 "Chuck vs the First Kill"
2x21 "Chuck vs the Colonel"
2x22 "Chuck vs the Ring"
Season 1
1x01 "Pilot"
1x02 "Rebirth"
1x03 "Reins of the Waterfall"
1x04 "Gravedancing"
1x05 "There is Another Sky"
1x06 "Know Thy Enemy"
1×07 "The Imperfections of Memory"
1×08 "Ghosts in the Machine"
1×09 "End of the Line"
Season 1 Season 3 Season 5
Season 2 Season 4 Season 6
Season 7